The Most Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colors

The kitchen is where you prepare meals; the living room is where you entertain guests; the home office is where you work; but at the end of a busy day, the bedroom is where you retreat and recharge. This is why most people want a relaxing bedroom paint color.

Before you start comparing paint swatches, we recommend selecting your bedroom paint from the Benjamin Moore Natura® line. You’ll find many stylish color options along with the peace of mind that comes from choosing certified asthma and allergy friendly paint.

Now, consider these tips for choosing a relaxing bedroom paint color.

Keep your cool.
Color has the power to change the mood of a room. The cool half of the color wheel – which consists of blue, green and purple – is known for its calming effects. Blue reminds us of the sky and ocean while green bedroom walls create the impression of being in a forest. Purple is less associated with nature, but it still creates a serene, calming atmosphere.

Consider that more saturated colors – such as Benjamin Moore’s Clearest Ocean Blue, Tropical Green and Purplicious – elicit stimulating feelings, while paler shades – such as Polar Sky, Sweet Honeydew Melon and Misty Lilac – keep things airy and light.

Stay neutral.
Along with cool colors, neutrals also help you unwind after a long, busy day. Benjamin Moore’s Caramel Apple, Feather Gray and Sandy White all serve as quiet backdrops for a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. Sticking with a neutral paint color may be especially beneficial if you like switching out your bedding or accessories often.

Consider your décor.
You can also use bedroom furnishings to inspire the paint color you select. Take a photo of your bedroom and bring it to the paint store. Select a few swatches that appear to closely match the hues in the rug, quilt or lampshade. Remember, photos don’t accurately convey colors, so you’ll want to bring the swatches home and compare them with your furnishings in person to discover which ones really match.

Once you have a few favorites picked out, return to the store and buy some sample paint cans. Paint 12-inch-square patches on the wall in each of your top color choices and see what they look like at different times of day in natural and artificial light. This will help you make your final selection with confidence.

Don’t forget the ceiling.
Sometimes referred to as “the fifth wall,” your bedroom ceiling needn’t remain the standard white. After all, the ceiling is the final thing you see before drifting off to sleep and the first thing to greet you when you wake up in the morning. Consider painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color you choose to help the room feel put together without creating a stark contrast.

For more information about painting your bedroom the perfect relaxing color, visit the Paint Centers website or stop by one of our Michigan locations today.