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Putty knife is one such sundry item that you don’t need until you do. Even worse, you’ll realize it’s missing when you are prepping the wall for paint, and have to run to the store last minute to get one.

That said, if you browse through our sundry items, it would surely remind you to pick the putty knife made by Warner Pro Tools. One of the many reasons we love Warner Pro Tools is because the manufacturer literally swears by its quality. We highly recommend their products as they are durable, affordable, and ergonomic. It’s one company that listens closely to their customers to create and improvise the tools based on their feedback. Another incentive to buy Warner Pro Tools is for its made-in-USA label. Overall, if it’s excellent performance that you care for, don’t look any further!

There are a wide variety of putty knives and related products available. Depending on your purpose, we can help you pick the right one. The knife handle uses a patented color-coded system to indicate the flexibility of the knife. ProGrip™ putty knives offer three types of hardness — stiff, flex, full flex — each serving its own purpose while painting. Color coordinated icons on the labels show usage of knives. So even with just a glimpse of the product, our customers can pick the right tool for their job.

Read on for more info on ProGrip line putty knives:

Red Handle: Stiff

The blades on these knives are extremely tough to provide maximum strength. For ease of cutting through, these blades have a chisel ground edge. They ensure fine scraping and shavings without excessively scratching the surface. Ergonomically designed handles provide a ribbed grip for the finger that exerts better control while working with the tool. These blades come in two thicknesses: Standard blades are .050” and heavy-duty blades are .080”.

Blue Handle: Flex

You can expect a consistent flex and necessary stiffness while spreading heavy drywall compound with these blue handle putty knives. Made from standard carbon steel, these blades are hollow ground, and are best used for first-coat applications. Ergonomically designed handles ensure ease of spreading and provide comfort to your hand.

Yellow handle: Full Flex

These blades are hollow ground thinner than other knives for maximum flexibility. This should be your tool of choice for final coat application. For ease of use, the handle is wider and flatter than other putty knives. Ergonomic design of the handle smoothly spreads drywall compounds while reducing hand fatigue.

Some other features of the The ProGrip line putty knives:

  • Ergonomic, color-coded soft grip handles
  • Polypropylene with a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) overmold
  • Two soft-grip handle styles
  • Two cap styles
  • Color coded blade flex on handle
  • Three blade-flexibility options
  • High-quality carbon steel blades
  • Full tang
  • Hammer Cap™ on select models
  • Dura Cap™ on select models
  • Chisel-edge on stiff knives
  • Large hang-hole size
  • Made in U.S.A.

If you think that your paint project needs more insight about putty knives, we would be more than happy to answer your questions, and guide you to the right product. Talk to us today, and find out what we have to offer!


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