What to Know about Repainting

If you’re planning to repaint the interior or exterior of your home, brush up on these repainting tips first.

Interior Repainting Tips

The most common reason to repaint the walls is to change the color and thereby alter the appearance of the room. Before you get started, keep these interior repainting tips in mind:

  • Clean the surface: Paint doesn’t adhere well to dirty walls. Clean with a sponge dipped in warm, soapy water to remove dirt, stains and grime. Give special attention to kitchen walls that are subject to grease splatters.
  • Prime the surface: When applying a fresh coat of paint over an existing color, you face several potential problems. The binders and solvents may be incompatible, causing poor adhesion or bleeding of the original color into the new. A glossy wall may cause the new coat to peel, flake or crack. A dark color may show through the new lighter color. The key to preventing these issues is to apply Fresh Start® latex primer from Benjamin Moore before you paint.
  • Choose high-quality paint: Budget-grade paint contains fewer pigments, making it watery and less capable of covering the old color. This might make it necessary to apply three or more coats. Save time by choosing high-quality Benjamin Moore paint in your desired color and sheen.

Exterior Repainting Tips

Siding and trim come in many different materials. If you’re repainting the wood exterior of your home or spot painting damaged areas, plan carefully using these tips to ensure satisfactory results the first time around:

  • Prepare the surface: A fresh coat won’t glue down old, peeling paint, so strip and sand the wood first. Then, apply a paintable water repellent to reduce moisture uptake and help the wood last longer. After two days of drying, apply a latex or oil-based primer. Finally, caulk all cracks and openings in the wood.
  • Choose the right paint: Acrylic latex paint – such as ben® Premium Waterborne Exterior Paint from Benjamin Moore – is the best for exterior wood surfaces. Keep in mind that one gallon of paint will cover about 400 square feet, though coverage varies with different paints and application methods. One coat should last four to five years, but two coats can last for eight or 10.
  • Paint at the right time: Apply the first coat of paint within two weeks of priming the wood and the second coat within two weeks of the first. To prevent temperature blistering, avoid painting cool surfaces that will be heated by the sun within a few hours. Also, choose a day when the temperature will be 50 degrees or higher, and the humidity level will be relatively low, while you paint and for two hours after application.

Looking for high-quality interior or exterior paint? The Paint Centers carries Benjamin Moore paint and stain for your project. Stop by one of our locations in Flint or Grand Blanc, Michigan to pick out colors and get advice from our painting experts.