Unique Wall Paint Ideas for Your Home

The plain white walls of your home are canvases just waiting to be filled with colors and shapes. If you’re looking for something more creative than a simple accent wall, consider these unique wall paint ideas for your home.

Color Blocking
Especially fun for nurseries or kids’ rooms, color blocking is when you apply painter’s tape to the wall, dividing it into squares or rectangles that you paint different colors. These shapes might be evenly spaced and sized, or you might opt for a more a freestyle look with parallelograms of various shapes and sizes. The colors you paint with should match the furnishings in the room to create a unified look, and you should choose high-quality Benjamin Moore paint for a beautiful finished product with fewer coats.

If you have some natural artistic talent, you might employ your skills to transform the walls of your home into gorgeous paintings. The designs you choose are completely up to you, from basic geometric shapes to silhouettes of mountains or pine trees to birds in flight. Benjamin Moore’s Aura® interior paint is perfect for murals due to its exclusive Color Lock technology, which allows for brilliant, rich, everlasting color.

Chalkboard Walls
Why not let the kids get creative by drawing on the wall? This suggestion might initially make you gasp in horror, but with Benjamin Moore’s ben® chalkboard paint, wall drawings aren’t just allowed – they’re encouraged! And, contrary to popular belief, chalkboard wall paint comes in thousands of colors, not just the traditional black.

There’s a lot more you can do with chalkboard paint than merely permitting a bit of fun in your kids’ rooms. You can paint a giant chalkboard calendar in the kitchen to keep everyone’s schedules straight. Paint a wall in your office and use it to make notes to yourself. Even paint your refrigerator or the inside of your pantry door and use the surface to add items to the shopping list when they run out.

Dry Erase Walls
Similar to chalkboard paint is Benjamin Moore’s Notable™ dry erase paint. This creates a “whiteboard” look on almost any surface you apply it to, including painted walls, glass, wood, metal and laminate. Convert walls of all sizes into a functioning dry erase board, perfect for kids’ rooms, playrooms, offices and more!

Ombre Walls
A gradual gradient from dark to light is known as ombre, a unique wall paint idea that offers plenty of flexibility. Pick three or four similar colors of Benjamin Moore Aura® interior paint in a matte finish. Then, it’s up to whether you make the color lighten from the bottom up or the top down. Soften the transition from the ceiling to the wall or make the walls look like a 360-degree sunset.

The ombre wall technique involves painting the wall in several horizontal sections. Begin by painting the two darkest stripes. Then, combine a bit of each color in a paint tray. Dip a sponge in this in-between paint and use it to blend the area between the two sections to create the desired color-fading look. Depending on your technique, you can make the transition between each color as gradual or distinct as you want.

Letters and Numbers
Paint phrases on the kitchen or dining room walls or create an accent wall with a giant monogram. You might choose the first letter of your last name for the living room wall or your child’s first name for a wall in his bedroom. To help make the letters or numbers stand out, choose Benjamin Moore paint in a semi-gloss finish. Natura® and Aura® products are ideal for this application.

Looking for more unique wall paint ideas for your home? Visit the Paint Centers website or stop by one of our Michigan locations for all the inspiration you need.