Tips for Matching Paint Color

Have you noticed that the wall in your living room could use a few touchups? Scuffs and scrapes can leave unsightly marks on the wall or chip the paint away. You go to the shed to grab the old paint can you initially used to paint the walls, but to your dismay, the paint has dried out. Now you’re left with the task of matching the paint color, or you’ll be forced to repaint the whole room. Follow these tips to achieve the closest color match possible.

Bring in a Good Sample

The better the sample, the better the color match will be. If you have the original paint can, the drippings down the side may serve as a sample. However, it’s preferable to bring in a clean paint chip about two inches across with no sheen, texture or metallic finish to serve as the sample.

Magazine clippings and photos taken on your phone are no good. Variances in lighting, printer ink and phone screens make it impossible to match paint color this way.

Compare Your Sample with Paint Swatches at the Store

If you know the brand and, better yet, the name of the paint, you have a promising place to start. However, individual batches are mixed slightly differently, and paint manufacturers change their offerings over time. The color you painted your walls years ago may no longer be in production. Therefore, visiting a paint store to find out what’s still available is an essential step in matching paint color.

View the Paint Sample Under a Spectrophotometer

This device measures color electronically, which is much more accurate than attempting to match paint colors by sight alone. After reading the precise wavelengths of light reflected from the sample, the program calculates the exact amount of tint needed to produce an identical hue.

Work with a Color Match Specialist

While a spectrophotometer works well and saves time, the color may still require some adjusting. That’s where a color match specialist comes in. This person applies a matched paint color to the sample, allows it to dry and determines whether the new color must be lightened, darkened or have certain shades added to better match the original sample. Once the two colors are exactly alike, a batch can be mixed for you to use as touchup paint on your walls.

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