Old Master Stains

Old Master Stains

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Love to do everything in one go? We understand that once our customers have gained momentum in their paint projects, they want to “finish” it all! So why not pick Old Masters Stains with your other paint supplies!

We like saying this every time — we carry only quality products from manufacturers we trust! Old Masters Stains and Finishes is no exception. They have taken the pains to perfect the formula, so that you get the results that you want. It’s so easy to use the product that you’ll be inspired to do more. While applying the finish, you’ll realize that it is smooth and uniformly spreads across the surface. Once applied, it will last a long time, and require fewer touch-ups than other products.

It is because of Old Masters’ best ingredients and a non- compromising attitude on quality makes us put our faith in their products. Repeat, happy customers are just a testimony to that fact.

Let us help you pick the right stain or finish from their wide collection, talk to us today.


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