3M Industrial Masking Tapes

3M Industrial Masking Tapes

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Of all the sundries, a masking tape is given the least thought while working on a paint project. But do you know it’s important to pick the right kind of tape, depending on the paint job? With our collection of masking tapes and handy tips, we can help you pick the perfect one that gets your paint job the finishing touches you desire, in one go!

Considering our clients’ requirements, we partner only with the best masking tape providers! In our experience, 3M tapes do a clean job to suit our standards, and that’s the reason we highly recommend these!

Let us help you pick the right kind of tape. But before choosing one, take a moment to think about your requirements:
How significant is it to have a precise paint edge?
What temperature would the tape be exposed to?
Will the masking tape be applied long before the actual paint job?
On which surface would the tape be applied? Does the tape require low, medium, or high adhesive strength?

Keep in mind that 3M has a wide collection of masking tapes to suit variety of painting jobs. The products discussed below are from Class 1 Masking tape category. Nevertheless, feel free to browse or ask us about their Class 2 Masking and Class 3 Masking tapes, depending on the performance you expect from them. For starters, based on requirements discussed above, here are some basic suggestions:

2750: ScotchBlue Industrial

  • Masking Tape 2750
  • Temperature resistance: Up to 250’F
  • Holding Strength: High
  • Clean Removal: Up to 3 days
  • Superior UV and bleed-through resistance

2460: Scotch®Ultimate Paint Edge

  • Masking Tape 2460
  • Temperature resistance: Up to 300°F
  • Holding strength: Low to medium
  • Clean removal: Better than traditional masking tapes
  • Long, straight, sharp paint lines

2480s: Scotch®60-Day Ultimate Paint Edge Masking Tape

  • Temperature resistance: Up to 200°F
  • Holding strength: Low to medium
  • Clean removal: up to 60 days–even in the sun
  • Razor-sharp paint edges

If your requirements are even more stringent, or you have any questions while choosing the right tape, please don’t hesitate to talk to our qualified staff. We are just a call away or we are more than happy to assist you.


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