Painting versus Staining Your Deck

There’s nothing quite like a real wood deck. The look of equally spaced boards, the feel of it under your feet, even the weathering that occurs over time. If you install a wood deck in your backyard, you have an important decision to make: will you paint or stain your deck? Consider the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Painting Your Deck

Painting can be a great choice for your backyard deck. Here are the primary benefits:

  • Endless color options: Go with a traditional gray or light brown, make a statement with a bold color, or match the siding of your house. The choice is yours.
  • Repair minimally damaged wood: Paint can fill gaps and cracks because it’s a thick finish. It can also hide knots and other imperfections in the wood.
  • Lower maintenance: Depending on the color you choose, painting your wood deck could make it easier to clean. Paint also protects the wood longer, so you don’t have to repaint for several years.

Painting your deck also comes with some possible drawbacks:

  • You can’t go back: Once you decide to paint your deck, you’re committed to this finish forever. If you want to revert to staining, you’ll need to take drastic restoration measures.
  • Slippery when wet: Depending on the sheen you choose, your painted deck could become as slick as ice when it rains. Avoid glossy or semi-glossy finishes to help prevent this.

Staining Your Deck

Many people decide to stain their backyard deck. Here are the benefits of this finish:

  • Showcase the natural beauty of real wood: The rustic appearance of wood grain is very appealing to many homeowners. If you want to retain this look, be sure to stain, not paint, your wood deck.
  • Easy application: Stain is thinner, more forgiving and easier to apply than paint.
  • Many color options: Create just the right look by choosing a lighter or darker stain as you see fit. You can even mix new, lighter boards with old, darker ones by applying a stain with more pigment to help the boards match.

Here are the potential downsides of staining your deck:

  • Shorter lifespan: You may need to refinish your deck more often than homeowners who choose to paint.
  • Not a repair material: Unlike paint, stain doesn’t cover up problems with your deck. If there are cracks, voids, splinters or other imperfections, these will remain apparent after applying the stain.

Whether you decide to paint or stain your deck, you need quality products to get the job done. The Paint Centers carries Benjamin Moore exterior paint and deck stain for this precise application. Using high-grade products from Benjamin Moore will decrease maintenance requirements and help your deck last years longer.

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