How to Test Paint Colors

Are you looking for a way to liven up your living room or make your bedroom feel cozier? A fresh coat of Benjamin Moore paint is an inexpensive, effective way to achieve your goal. The trick is to find just the right hue to make your furnishings pop. To save time and money on your painting project, thoroughly test different paint colors before you commit to one. Here’s how.

Bring Textiles from Home to Help You Pick Samples

You may think you know what shade of blue your throw pillows are, but viewing dozens of blue paint swatches under bright lights at the store can make it impossible to tell which one matches. Make it easy on yourself and bring one of those pillows with you to the paint store. Compare it to the swatches and select a few tester pots to bring home.

Prime the Wall

If you’re changing from a dark color to a lighter one, you’ll need to prime the wall before painting it. To ensure you get an accurate impression of the shades you’re sampling, go ahead and complete this step before you test paint colors.

Paint the Largest Sample Sizes Possible

Certain undertones are difficult to detect on a small scale, especially because the surrounding wall color affects it. To minimize this, paint samples of 12 inches square or larger. Also, don’t paint samples right next to each other, since this could affect the way you perceive them.

Paint Samples in the Right Places

Design magazines often portray homeowners painting sample squares in the middle of the wall, but it’s difficult to discern the true nature of each color unless you can see how it interacts with other elements in the room. Paint a square on each wall at different heights – one at eye level, another next to the baseboards and a final one right up to the ceiling.

View Paint Samples in Different Lighting

Painting color samples on every wall is also beneficial to see how the light interacts with them at different angles and times of day. Be sure to view the samples in the soft light of morning, during the brightness of midday and under artificial light in the evening. Choose the paint color that looks best under all types of light.

Paint Pieces of Drywall

If painting samples on the wall isn’t an option, you can still test paint colors on loose pieces of drywall. This allows you to move the samples around the room and view them under different lights throughout the day without putting any paint on the walls yet.

Here at the Paint Centers in Flint and Grand Blanc, Michigan, we are happy to help you select sample paint colors. We have high-quality Benjamin Moore paint and primer to choose from. Stop by today and pick out paint testers with help from our painting experts. We’ll help make sure your next project goes smoothly!